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Can’t find what you need or have some other question about the products on Sharon’s Essentials? I have added answers to some of the frequently asked questions in the section in the left. If you still can’t find what you need, send me an email!


What does cruelty free mean?

We don’t believe in testing on animals as we believe it to be cruel and unnecessary
We don’t test our products on animals, but they have all been tried and tested by me, family and friends.

What does Vegan friendly mean?

Most of our products are vegan friendly which means that all(100%) ingredients within the product are plant extracts such as plant oils, waxes and butters made from plant oils and essential oils.

What does 100% natural mean?

Most of our products do state that they are 100% natural which means that 100% of the ingredients are from plant oils, butters and waxes with no artificial colours of fragrances. Essential oils have a fragrance, this will naturally fragrance the product.

Do you use preservatives in your product?

Most of our products are 100% plant extracts they are preserved with natural vitamin E. Some of our products that contain water must incorporate a preservative to prevent microbial growth. We use a preservative which is reliable, biodegradable, safe and parabens free.

Do you send out samples?

We currently don’t do sample sized products. We do have stock in locations where you can sample our products, please see our stockists.

Where are your stockists?

We currently have our stock in the shop at Rivers meet craft café, Methley, Leeds and Colne Valley garden centre, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield.

How do you store your products?

Our products need to be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight, windowsills and fireplaces. If temperatures exceed 35C then butters need to be stored in a fridge

Are our products safe?

As a legal requirement all our products must have a safety certificate in place which is written by an authorised chemist. These safety assessments deem our products safe to use for the purpose stated on the label.

Please read our cautionary label before buying as even though our products are natural they contain essential oils that cannot be used by certain individuals and some of our products contain nut oils which should be avoided in people with a nut allergy.

Can our products be used for sensitive skins?

Some of our products are specifically for people with sensitive skins however always do a patch test first to see if you are going to react to any ingredients in the product. If any product is likely to irritate sensitive skins, we do state in our cautionary label. Essential oils do contain known allergens which are stated on the label so please read before buying.

Can our products be used on children?

Our safety assessments allow our products to be used on children over 3 years old. Children have sensitive skins so always do a patch test first and read the cautionary label to see if its suitable.

What are your delivery charges for orders from the online shop?

We have a standard delivery charge of £3.40. Orders over £40 qualify for free delivery.

Which payment methods are available in the online shop?

We use PayPal and Stripe which takes most major credit and debit cards.

What happens after I place an order?

We will receive your order and process and pack your order to be sent out for delivery. Your order will take approximately 2 – 4 business days from receipt of your order to arrival at your address.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Invoices are generated and can be sent with your order.

Do you issue refunds?

Our policy is that we cannot accept refunds on skincare items as we don’t know how they have been stored or used. We strive to make quality products for your use if you receive your order and it is damaged in any way, we will send out a replacement. Please read our cautionary label in the descriptions menu to check whether the product is suitable for you before purchasing.

How secure is shopping on the online shop? Is my data protected.

Our online shop has in place an SSL certificate which encrypts all data sent to and from the online shop. We keep all your data confidential under the data protection act.