My Qualifications

I am an Aromatherapist, a practising Pharmacist, a Reiki master teacher and a Meridian Energetics practitioner and Teacher.

I have been making Natural Skincare based on Aromatherapy for over 20 years.
I became passionate about Aromatherapy at a time in my life when I needed a new direction. I was under a great deal of stress at the time and I started using essential oils to treat myself which I found to be very effective.
I started researching, gained an advanced Aromatherapy diploma and started my skincare business.

As a Pharmacist I had background knowledge of how to make creams and lotions, I made them all in my kitchen at home and formulated them using only plant extracts. I used them on myself and found them to be very useful and effective. I would make products for my friends to treat their skin problems with great success too.

My business started in Thailand where I was living at the time but after a while I had to relocate back to the UK. My skincare business went on hold, although I continued to make some of my products to use on myself, friends and family. It was after another bout of illness when I needed to make more of my products that I decided to update all my formulations as I discovered more different and varied plant oils with benefits to the skin. I reformulated most of my range to make them better and made a lot of new ones too. I investigated the legalities of setting up my business in the UK and in 2012 I launched Sharon’s Essentials with a new improved range of products.

I believe in only using the best raw materials in my products and I try and source organic as well as fair-traded ingredients. Most of my products are made of 100% plant extracts and are totally natural. I use a preservative in the water-based products which is not Parabens, this gives my products a shelf life and is a legal requirement.
Essential oils have many health benefits, they work best formulated in a product that is plant based for them to reach their maximum potential. They have great benefits in skincare which have been documented throughout history dating back to ancient times.
I care about the environment we live in and I care about my skin, aromatherapy plant-based skincare will benefit both the environment and your skin.
I hope you will enjoy my products as much as I do and have in making them.

Sharon XXX