Powerful Peppermint

Peppermint (Mentha Piperata) contains essential oils of which contain mostly menthol and menthone.
Menthol is antiseptic,a topical anaesthetic and cooling on the skin. It will stop secretion of mucous and can relieve a cough.
Peppermint can be taken internally as a tea,the oil can be bought in a capsule from pharmacies for digestive problems.
It relaxes smooth muscle and is anti-spasmodic,relieves colic and wind which is great for indigestion,stomach cramps, bloating and trapped wind. The essential oil has a mild anaesthetic affect on the stomach wall which helps with nausea.
The essential oil is toning, softening, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic on the skin.
I use Peppermint in the Peppermint & Calendula foot balm for its cooling, softening, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions.
Sharon’s Essentials muscle rub and sports massage oil contains peppermint oil as it is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving and a muscle relaxant.
Peppermint oil boosts energy and improves alertness, thats why it is used in our Energiser roll on and Empowerment energy spray.

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